Federico Cecchin, an Italian Illustrator designer artist, has been an artist all his life and he has been working in the Art industry for over 25 years. Federico Cecchin had a passion for art visuals and creative excellence ever since he was a child.
Has worked with the biggest studios ( Universal Studios, Warner Bros, Versace, Rolex, Google, Hewlett-Packard and many more.) It’s no surprise Federico Cecchin has gained over 3.8 Million followers on Tik Tok and 200k followers on Instagram.



Cecchin has received proposals from well-known worldwide 2D/3D Studios but has decided to be fully involved in the artwork of the “Werewolf Legends Collection to share his passion and bring the most value in the NFT market. F. Cecchin Art is a combination of passion and joy and you see this in the small details of each character.